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    Since 1867 THE KUSMI SAGA

    150 years of history

    Kusmi Tea is a tea house that cultivates both modernity and tradition with its unrivalled wellness blends, its classics and its famed recipes that are so iconic today.


    Pavel Kousmichoff starts a tea house in Saint Petersburg

    The eldest son of a peasant family, Pavel Mikhailovich Kousmichoff left home at the age of 14 to work for a tea merchant in Saint Petersburg. The merchant, impressed by his potential, initiates him into the secret world of tea blends and gives him a small tea house as a wedding gift in 1867.


    The tea of tsars

    The tea house enjoys enormous success and Kusmi teas become a favourite of the tsars. Pavel and his wife, Alexandra, have six children. His eldest son, Vyacheslav (1878), would eventually be his father's successor. Pavel creates a tea blend for one of his daughters, Elisabeth (1880), which becomes the tsar's favourite tea: Bouquet de Fleurs.


    A Russian tea house in the heart of London

    Pavel sends Vyacheslav to London to familiarise him with the teas in 1907. Vyacheslav becomes a tea expert as well as a talented businessman. He also opens the first British subsidiary, P.M. Kousmichoff & Sons at 11, Queen Victoria Street.


    The Kousmichoff family sets up shop in Paris on Avenue Niel

    The Russian Revolution breaks out and the Kousmichoff family is forced to flee Russia. They set up a workshop in Paris on 75 Avenue Niel (which still serves as a training space for the tea house: Ateliers K) and establish the Kusmi Tea house.


    The brand grows

    The years between the two World Wars are a time of prosperity for the tea house. Kusmi Tea opens locations in New York, Hamburg and even Constantinople. However, Vyacheslav ultimately decides to move his main business to Berlin due to the large Russian population living there.


    Constantine succeeds his father

    Vyacheslav Kousmichoff dies just after the war in 1946. His son Constantine takes over the family business. He is an artist and a tea lover, not a businessman. The tea house gradually loses popularity.


    The family business is sold but carries on

    On the brink of bankruptcy, Constantine is forced to sell the company. During the years that followed, the Kousmichoff Company continues to sell Kusmi teas with uneven success.

    From 2003 to 2015

    Kusmi Tea's greatest successes


    Sylvain and Claude Orebi take over the company.


    Kusmi Tea launches its Wellness tea line, which includes the best-selling Detox, BB Detox and Sweet Love.


    Kusmi Tea opens its flagship store on the world's most beautiful avenue: the Champs-Élysées.


    The Beauty of Blends, a series of advertisements, places Kusmi firmly in the spotlight.


    The first KusmiKiosk, a digital store, is unveiled in Paris.


    150 years later...

    Kusmi Tea, ever the bold brand, is just as strong as it was back in the time of the tsars. In a little over a decade, the unrivalled tea house has opened 85 boutiques in 35 countries, offering 100 different tea blends (all of which are produced near Le Havre) and employing over 600 people worldwide.
    A saga that shows no signs of stopping!