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250g at the price
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Løv in Mind


Dragon fruit, lemon and ginger flavoured blend of plants, spices and apple

What if you could experience the benefits of meditation anytime, anywhere? Take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing moment of downtime with our organic blend, Løv in Mind, the perfect step toward living in the present moment.
Breathe in. Find serenity by letting go of daily stress and frustrations.
Breath out. Return to your center and focus on what really matters.
Sit back and take a sip! Both spiced and fruity, this blend brings together lemon’s citrus notes with ginger and turmeric spices, ending on a sweet note with dragon fruit combined with the freshness of moringa. And chili pepper gives it a surprising kick!
Indulge in some much-needed downtime with our intense, yet refined herbal tea that can be enjoyed both piping hot or chilled.
On your road to happiness, take a moment to meditate and focus on what’s really important to you.

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Brewing time
5 min

Brewing temperature

Perfect for iced tea