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Løvely Glögg

Flavoured blend of spices, fruits and hibiscus

The sweet scent and deep colour of Glögg or Gløgg conjure up all the cosy warmth of a Scandinavian Christmas. Løv Organic has revisited the traditional recipe and come up with a fruity, spiced blend which sets the scene perfectly for a moment of festive cheer. Its tangy hibiscus and blackcurrant notes complement the bewitching flavours of cinnamon, liquorice and cardamom.
Let yourself fall under the spell of this enchanting blend, which is tucked in a box decorated with twinkling motifs!

Theine free

Brewing time
5 min

Brewing temperature


A. Anonymous

4.4 oz tin Verified purchase
Great product
on 02/17/2018

V. Abhiradi

4.4 oz tin Verified purchase
Delicious. Good quality.
on 02/10/2018

L. Anastasia

4.4 oz tin Verified purchase
Great aroma, rich taste.
on 02/06/2018