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  • Matcha

    by Kusmi Tea

    1.05oz metal tin

    3.5oz bag for baking

    1.05oz metal tin gift set
    with accessories

    Matcha is a one-of-a-kind green tea. First, it comes in the form of a very fine powder, since its leaves are crushed between two millstones after being rolled and dried.

    Il possède une incroyable couleur verte, parce que les théiers dont il est issu ont été couverts quelques semaines avant la récolte et que, ainsi privées de lumière, leurs feuilles ont produit davantage de chlorophylle pour réaliser leur photosynthèse.

    Above all, matcha is the only tea whose entire leaf is absorbed by the water.
    We are thus tasting its very substance, resulting in a pure tea whose elements are unaffected.
    Matcha is a pure delight that boasts a very high vitamin
    and mineral content.

    Matcha traditional preparation

    by Kusmi Tea

    The Kusmi Tea Matcha Set contains all the tools needed
    for brewing a delicious hot matcha tea in a cinch: the traditional bowl,
    the bamboo whisk (chasen) and the bamboo scoop (chasaku).

    1. Pour 2 to 4 scoops of matcha into the bowl

    2. Add pure water heated to 175°F

    3. Whisk vigorously by making a "W" with your wrist

    4. When the blend is consistent and a layer of mousse appears, it is ready to drink, either plain or sweetened!

    3 products to perfectly prepare your matcha:

    The complete tutorial:

    Kusmi matcha tea recipes

    Matcha is also a traditional and multifaceted symbol.
    The highest quality matcha is used in Japanese tea ceremonies and is delicious as a hot drink.
    Its baking version also adds a delicate and characteristic taste to many sweet and savory dishes.

    Discover three recipes created exclusively for Kusmi Tea by French chef Sophie Menut.

    Sophie Menut is chief of the magazine Cuisine et Vins de France.
    Through her books, TV programs, columns and blog, she conveys her passion for raising an awareness
    of how cookery can make our lives better and that creating a successful dish is within everyone's grasp.