AquaFizz, the iced version of the AquaRosa fruit tea, features delicately fruity notes.

10 large Muslin Tea bags

AquaFizz: AquaRosa fruit tea in an ideal format for preparing iced tea with a brand new recipe. This blend of hibiscus, apple, red fruits, black berries, mulberry leaves and elderflower can be enjoyed ice cold as a refreshing tea with delicately fruity notes.

To add a twist to your AquaFizz, brew the tea bag with a slice of lemon for a deliciously sweet blend with the taste of summer.

Preparing the iced tea:
Pour simmering water (195-200°F)
Brew the tea bag for 7 minutes
Add ice cubes

Each 0.3oz tea bag makes a 1-quart carafe of iced tea.

Theine free

Brewing time
7 min

Brewing temperature

Perfect for iced tea

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