• Darjeeling Makaibari First Flush 2018 Kusmi Tea box - 100gr


    Indian black tea

    The Makaibari Tea Estate is located on the slopes of the Himalayas on the way from Bhutan to Tibet, where it has been cultivated with care and passion since 1859. Every year, the first harvest begins on April 9th when the temperatures rise and days get longer, after the tea plants have been in hibernation for five months. The very first shoots are then carefully picked to create a unique, light and elegant black tea.

    Kusmi Tea presents a 2018 limited edition "First Flush" Darjeeling Makaibari spring harvest tea. Its floral aromas, delicate scent and expert harvesting make it the greatest of the Darjeeling varieties. To house this exceptional brew, Kusmi Tea has concocted a delicate box that calls to mind the original cases where Darjeeling was stored.

    Brewing time
    3 min

    Brewing temperature



    The Makaibari Tea Garden, whose name means “field of corn” in Nepali, is located in the Himalayan foothills on the way to Bhutan and Tibet and has been cultivated with care and passion since 1859. The fauna and flora of this lush green region of India coexist in harmony, contributing to the excellent quality of the soil which lends the tea bushes their unique flavor.



    After being infused for a little over three minutes in water heated to 194°F (90°C), the liquor takes on a delicious, copper-colored shimmer and offers a bold flavor so typical of Darjeeling teas.



    The owner and partner of the Makaibari Tea Garden likes to say that “Darjeeling is to tea what champagne is to wine.” So much so that the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi once presented Queen Elizabeth of England with a gift of the renowned Makaibari tea.
    A gift of enormous value, as what is rare is precious…

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    Hunter K. [ Ordered on 17/08/2018 ]

    Wooden box (100 g) Verified purchase
    One of the finest teas I've ever enjoyed! Truly worthy of the title "Champagne of Tea"!!
    on 28/08/2018