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  • Culinary Matcha Powder (3.5oz)


    Professional-grade Matcha Powder is perfect for culinary creations.

    Matcha for cooking is an ideal way to flavour your dishes, both savoury and sweet. Our premium grade matcha green tea comes in a powdered form and is perfect for baking. Its subtle bitterness and rich aromas make it an excellent ingredient to use in your dishes, both sweet and savoury (cakes, sponges, biscuits, etc.)

    Brewing temperature


    How to steep traditional Japanese matcha

    Matcha gift set

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    Matcha gift set

    Our Matcha Tea Set comes with everything you need to brew a delicious hot matcha drink:
    - a tin of premium powdered matcha
    - a traditional bowl
    - a bamboo whisk (called chasen in Japanese) to create a perfectly frothy and creamy matcha)
    - a traditional bamboo spoon (called chashaku) to collect a small amount of matcha

    how to step a matcha tea : part 1

    1. Pour 2 to 4 scoops of matcha into the bowl

    how to step a matcha tea : part 2

    2. Add pure water heated to 175°F

    how to step a matcha tea : part 3

    3. Whisk vigorously by making a "W" with your wrist

    how to step a matcha tea : part 4

    4. When the blend is consistent and a layer of mousse appears, it is ready to drink, either plain or sweetened!

    matcha recipes
    Matcha Green tea Powder


    Matcha is a powdered green tea originally from japan used in tea ceremonies. Professional-grade matcha from kusmi tea® is perfect for culinary creations.