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    Matcha Gift Set


    Gift set with tin of Matcha, traditional bowl, "chasen" bamboo whisk and "chasaku" spatula

    Matcha is a Japanese green tea made from leaves which have been ground between two stones.
    The Kusmi Tea Matcha Gift Set is ideal for preparing and enjoying matcha tea. It has all of the necessary items to prepare matcha: the traditional bowl, the "chasen" bamboo whisk, and the "chasaku" bamboo spatula as well as a 1.05oz. tin of matcha.

    Preparation Suggestions:
    Pour 2-4 bamboo spoonfuls of matcha into the matcha bowl. Heat fresh water to 80°C (176°F) and add to the bowl. Stir vigorously y with a bamboo whisk by tracing a "W" pattern until consistent and until a layer of foam forms at the surface.

    Brewing temperature

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    Zainab A. [ Ordered on 24/07/2018 ]

    Set Verified purchase
    I have not tried it yet but it is well packaged and looks very nice.
    on 05/08/2018

    Hunter K. [ Ordered on 06/07/2018 ]

    Set Verified purchase
    A fun way to begin exploring the preparation and enjoyment of Match Tea! Kusmi's "How To" video was a BIG help in teaching me to make and enjoy this delicious treat, and all the tools you need are right in this box (except the water!).
    on 18/07/2018