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    Unitea one touch glass teapot 0,72L


    Unitea one touch glass teapot 0,72L

    This superb Unitea One Touch electric teapot from the brand Kinto has a volume of .72L and is ideal for enjoying your favourite tea alone or with a partner.

    Simple and elegant, the Unitea One Touch was designed with high quality materials in stainless steel and glass. Its transparence allows you to watch your drink as it brews. A calming and fun ritual.

    Its stainless steel lid is surrounded by a silicone seal that keeps the teapot from leaking when you pour your tea. The lid's filter perfectly filters your drink without residue in your cup.

    The Kinto teapot's bonus: its lid can also be used as a coaster.

    Teapot: glass
    Filter: stainless steel
    Joint: silicone

    Volume: 0.72L